Client: Paynters
Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Videography, Strategy


Paynters is a national property development firm based in Brisbane. They engage in a variety of projects that run the gamut of development and are considered one of the most consistent and dependable firms in the country. Now every project is not equal for the Paynter’s firm. Every now and again they produce something groundbreaking. They invest their resources to uncover a better way of doing things, a new way of helping people. Beauaraba Living is that something.


Aged care facilities are a developmental model that has traditionally been built on efficiencies. With the ageing population leading to an increased number of people worldwide needing late in life assistance, the only model that made sense lacked consideration. It seemed the only solution was to force more residents into the space available, leading to a reduction in quality of life. Few facilities were prepared to champion a new approach that established dignity and quality of life above all else. The strategic partnership between Beauaraba Living and Paynters procreated the new ‘Cottage Model’ facilities you see depicted in this video. An innovation that is capable of influencing many more lives in the future, this story deserved to be told.


LITTLEMIDDLE is ultimately a solutions agency with an extensive arsenal of executions. We have years of working for, inside and with small businesses to understand what it is they want to get across. We help them find the best ways to tell that story. Typically that involves extensive planning once we have undertaken every effort to best understand their situation. The more thorough the planning process, the more efficient the production budgets can be and ultimately the more professional the output is.  

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Videography: Demetri Conias, Tomas Ryan


What a wonderful experience from inception through to completion of our video. Honestly, hand on heart, there is not a bad word I can say about the entire Little Middle team.

From the moment I contacted Demetri, I was confident that I had made the right choice. Immediately you feel at ease with the process and assured that everything will be executed without issue; and boy did they deliver!

With a large stakeholder engagement, this project had the ability to miss the mark, however, LM held our hand & guided us to the best possible outcome.

Above all else, they just get it. They built an understanding of the end goal & went above and beyond to deliver. Will use them on projects until the end of time!