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CLIENT — KR Dental

FOCUS — Video Content, Photography, Content Strategy


Owner Sandy contacted LITTLEMIDDLE for video content and photography to help promote her dentistry practice. She knew she needed something but didn’t understand the full picture when it came to how to best utilise this content.


Dentistry is one of those industries that typically struggle with finding seamless ways to promote their business on social media. Customers which are built via legacy and word of mouth do not often engage medical practices via social media.  LITTLEMIDDLE conducted extensive keyword research to identify some common questions that people were having around dentistry. Using these search terms, we knew that users would be hungry for content that bridged this gap. It was also important to Sandy that we help her build on the momentum of these videos by enabling her to produce professional content in-house.


The birth of the “Sandy Says” videos were the vehicle to deliver these answers. Running from 45sec to 1.30min, these videos depicted practice owner Sandy having a casual discussion with one of her most experienced dental technicians. The search terms were brought up as questions with the two breaking apart each topic and providing straightforward, easy to understand answers. The strategy was to have these hosted on her website via embedded YouTube links to increase their search-ability.  This content was also distributed via social media to her followers with engagement practices deployed to encourage conversation and to set up topics for future videos. This was made possible with training and a consumer grade studio equipment (lighting, tripod, editing LUTs) provided by LITTLEMIDDLE, allowing her practice to use a smartphone to get outstanding user generated content.

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Videography — Demetri Conias, Tomas Ryan


LITTLEMIDDLE is a marketing company that creates digital content that helps small to mid level companies achieve the digital marketing capabilities of big companies. I was fortunate enough to have Demetri and Tom from LITTLEMIDDLE help us with digital content for our website. Demetri and Tom helped us to identify our market and customised our videos to suit our ideal patient. Specifically, we shot 10 short videos, take photos of staff and a practice walk through. The videos are of high definition quality. All of this was done in a day. They also helped us set up a space in the practice and taught us how to make videos using our phones. I can highly recommend LITTLEMIDDLE for digital marketing and video creative.