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There are many different tools, tasks and strategies that makeup a marketer’s toolkit. We work both with clients who have a keen idea about what activity they’re after, or those looking to experiment in a territory that is new to them. We demystify what each tactic is and the resources it takes to do it properly, so you can make a better decision. The first step for us is to learn how your business operates.

         What are your products or services, how established is your brand, where do your customers come from, and what are you trying to achieve?

        We won’t suggest activity that is irrelevant or unsustainable and tailor our services to suit our client’s needs.

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Strategy is like going into battle. You don’t start a war without first identifying what you intend to conquer. You must assess the time and energy that will go into this endeavour. Tirelessly perusing a game plan that will lead to your success with contingencies baked in. You take lessons from those before you and use your intellect to suit your unique circumstances. You take stock of your assets, your reserves, the skills of your team, the strength of your arsenal and the support you can lean on. You know what the cost will be, but ultimately the reward at the end of it.

        Typically, one of the strategies below will be required prior to engaging in a project of scale. We want to be aligned with our clients and execute the work to these intentions.

Our recent strategic digital work
We engage in brand strategy before we embark on the creative process of developing a new brand. We want to understand and develop the ideologies of what your business is intended to be. What is the market your business intends to play in and where do you want it positioned within that market? What problems does it solve? Who does it help? What should your brand make others feel? See branding for a further understanding of this process.
Part of your overall marketing strategy, social has become so important that extra attention is required. The first thing is to identify how important social media is to your business. Are you likely to find new customers via one of these platforms and if so, how are you going to succeed in doing so? Social media is about presence and information delivery. Its success is measured on audience, engagement, relevancy and ultimately the growth rate of each of these. Social can also be the predominant driver of traffic to your website where you sell your products of services. Premium tools can also benchmark you against your competitors. They can tell you what you’re doing right and what others are doing better than you. It can show you where improvement is needed and how you can go about achieving that. Needless to say, it’s a lot of work to consistently do it well.
This type of strategy applies to a particular campaign you are looking to execute. This could be, but not limited to, generating leads via Instagram, more engagement via Facebook, onboarding new ambassadors, sending more people in-store, spreading awareness of a new product, etc. Each campaign should start with specifics on what it intends to achieve. Strategy is laid out in terms of how you intend to achieve these goals. What assistance or assets do you need to execute this properly? How much can you spend on this activity and ultimately how can you determine the ROI on this campaign?
The marketing strategy always needs to ladder up to the business strategy. Working with an agency who have run a variety of businesses and helped countless others is important. We know the problems you face and constraints you’re under. That’s why we suggest only effective and sustainable activity.


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We produce comprehensive website packages for little to middle sized businesses. We pride ourselves on being able to develop stunning design, paired with flawless user experience. We work with start-ups through to established businesses seeking a revamp. We develop websites with your customers in mind and never compromise on aesthetics or functionality. We want to empower our customers who prioritise accessibility to be able to make changes easily without needing to engage us (and spend more money). We have a variety of packages depending on what suits your needs.  

Our recent WEBSITE work
For clients with a modest budget, we like to develop their sites using off-the-shelf solutions. Platforms such a Wordpress, Squarespace and Webflow have a content management system (CMS) that are simple to understand and make changes. This is the most cost-effective way to build simple website without compromising on professionalism. 90% of most websites our clients have asked us to develop have been on these platforms. That is because they’re constantly expanding in their capabilities without sacrificing use-ability.
Our developers can assist with custom functionality for more robust solutions. Functionality refers to things your site needs to do that are specific to your business. Do you need automatically populated specials pages, a custom search function, unique baby name generator? Typically, most things have already been developed but someone still needs to source this code and integrate it into your website seamlessly. If your request is so unique that it doesn’t exist yet, then it’s the developers job to turn your ambition into reality. The process with this type of development is usually lengthier depending on how unique the ask is. Generally, clients will need to engage us to make significant content changes to avoid ‘breaking code’ on the site.
If you have an established developer relationship but want the aesthetic design that LITTLEMIDDLE offers, we happily work well with others. Depending on the individual requirements we can supply skins, imaging documents, or extensively built design for handover. We can capture any imagery and videography required, produce the copy for the site, develop SEO articles, as well as embed and optimise creative for fast loading times.


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An area that confuses even the savviest of marketers. In a nutshell, it is about deploying a list of strategies and tactics on your site so that Google ranks you higher in its search results. Due to the wide net that SEO casts and our preference to remain specialists in the services we offer, we only offer a select few SEO services.

Our recent digital & SEO work
We provide keyword analysis for our client’s business in order to better inform the content we create. After identifying a list of short and long-tail keywords, we then produce either video or article-based content in response. This content can also be used within a targeted landing page for paid advertisements as well as bolstering an FAQ section on their properties. We use this keyword strategy to determine the demand for the product or service you’re selling to help inform other marketing activities.
Besides individual content executions that are based on analytical preparation, we only offer one other SEO service. That is because our clients rightfully demand accountability. They demand results within a respectable timeframe and one they can measure against the money they’re spending. That’s why LITTLEMIDDLE has partnered with our friends at Neural Digital and their revolutionary AI based platform Market Brew. The power of this software and the team at Neural who know how to wield it creates transparency… an attribute previously unheard of within SEO. It is the only platform that is guaranteed results and as such is reserved only for clients who are adamant on SEO contributing to their success. If you would like to know more about this service please get in contact here.


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Almost all companies have a social media account or engage in other content delivery platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Patreon, Pintrest, Twitter, etc. Some companies decide to forego a website and host all of their business activity completely within social media. Entire teams and agencies can be solely devoted to this one area of marketing, and rightfully so. There are a number of intricate strategies involving a multitude of tasks aimed at rallying customers to engage with your brand. The most sophisticated of operators know just how powerful these tools are and the importance of always staying relevant.

Our recent SOCIAL MEDIA work
Consolidating other tasks including strategy and content development, we offer a full-service experience for those looking to outsource the management of their social media accounts. For these clients, we gain access to all of their properties and identify new areas they want to migrate into. We work together to identify what has been successful with their activity to date. We pair industry standards with learnings from their account to determine optimal posting frequency, the type and tone of copy as well as areas that need improvement. We then seek to plan out content shoots comprised of a mixture of photography and videography. For new clients we pay close attention in these early stages to becoming experts in their brand. We take over all social messaging and act on behalf of your brand to your audience. We identify and develop the common responses within our authority to respond to, and filter more pertinent question to those identified within your organisation. We ensure that menus, pricing, current promotions or other timely communication is filtered throughout each social channel and removed as soon as they become outdated. We seed your brand out into your network of associated pages and encourage engagement the proceeds audience growth. Ultimately we alleviate stress and give you peace of mind that your properties are managed to the highest standard.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is one or many systems that are put in place to manage customers and their enquiries as they come in. This can include automated responses, live chat, video chat, and other forms of intelligent communication. We try to integrate this strategy across platforms i.e. your social media, email campaigns, website and even in-store.


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Email marketing is a widely known and understood tactic. Often one of the most effective drivers of sales, it commonly gets overlooked. Like analytical social tools that tell you how your content is performing, email platforms provide data and insights into how to get your communication performing better. Using years of research and practical knowledge, we develop email campaign strategies to suit your “customer journey” node trees. Unique emails are developed to satisfy each stage and keep them engaged with your brand. We adopt strategies through your other channels to drive email signups and build your audience of followers. Ensuring this audience feels rewarded often enough to remain a loyal follower and reduce attrition is one of the keys to a successful email strategy campaign.


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Generating leads and traffic through ad placements in order to drive sales for clients. In addition to the creative, we can also generate lead pages, optimise landing pages to suit traffic whilst continuing to optimise the ad performance. Depending on how important ads are to our client and what media budget they have, we will use a mixture of native and premium tools to ensure their spend is optimised. We will continue to monitor these platforms during activity and ongoing campaigns to attest the performance of the creative. Being malleable and able to make changes fluidly is a key to the success of well performing campaigns. We will identify upcoming campaigns and ensure all assets are ready for launch.


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LITTLEMIDDLE works together with PR agencies to develop copy and creative for publications. We have experienced allies with phenomenal skills sets that we can put our clients in touch with if they require.


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