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With our primary goal being transparency, we've provided a manual outlining our services and what each includes. Feel free to read intently, skip to the relevant section or call us if a conversation is more your thing.

       Creative, a term once used to embody the output, has its lines blurred by today’s understanding. The standard method of using intuition, insight and trends still reigns true. Now, they must also forage with an analytical mind.

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Branding is your identity. Graphic design is the extrapolation of your brand into executions. Both tell your customers what to think about what it is you do.

For those with a nascent idea, a glimmer of hope they wish to nurture into a business. An ambition they wish to evolve into a reality, then branding is the first step. We sit down to understand what you hope your baby grows up to become. What attributes you wish they’d have and who you see them hanging out with (end of baby analogy). In the coming weeks we will sit down for what we call a “broad strokes” presentation. This stage is a cross section of spiritual exploration with strategic considerations. Here we conceptualise unique identities your brand could embody and uncover the heart and soul of what it will become. We want your brand to reflect its purpose whilst being unequivocally unique.  After we present these concepts and a consensus has been made, we begin producing your brand’s assets. These typically include logos, style guide, email signatures, stationary, social identity etc.
Once a brand has been developed, or we have been onboarded with an established brand, LITTLEMIDDLE can be engaged to execute individual design jobs. Typically, but not limited using Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. We also understand that not all clients are adept at using these programs and have devised solutions to allow a consistently professional output without costly engagements. We can set up templates in programs such as Canva and BeautifulAI that can easily be accessed and used by those with even the most rudimentary of understandings. We are always trying to create unique expressions of your brand to suit the exact deployment.


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The art of the written word. There will be a number of instances where you will need an eloquent description of your product or service. Words are needed in lots of different places; passages on your website, press-releases to media, social media posts, scripts for ads, quotes for editorials, articles for your blog, email marketing… everywhere really.

        We strive to become the purveyors of your brand to ensure it is represented both cohesively and consistently. But if you need lots and lots of words, can we keep up? We have a network of writers we work with for clients who are heavily invested in written content. They are on-boarded and trained by LITTLEMIDDLE to work specifically with each brand’s unique dialect.

Long form articles to be posted on your blog are the bread and butter of SEO work. In essence, it is the identification of common search related queries pertinent to your business and their written solution (hosted on your website). Google scans the article, and if done well, gives you a digital thumbs up by way of traffic. In a nutshell, how robust your article is and the strength of other sites linking to your article will determine the amount of traffic. Having a consistent flow of articles to post to your website and social channels keeps your audience engaged.
In addition to producing the imagery or footage for social posting, we also develop the copy that goes with it. Often one of the most underestimated parts of social engagement, establishing an ongoing dialogue with your audience, and encouraging them to engage will bolster the value of your platform. It is a specific skill to be able to write consistently in the tone of your brand. If you find yourself time poor and leaving this marketing activity to the last minute, it might be worth getting in touch to make sure this vital task is not overlooked.  
Do you intend on placing ads typically via social media outlets? If so, the strength of your ad is a convergence of three main things; audience, visuals and copy. These platforms have the impressive ability to test infinite variations of these elements to determine the optimal combination(s). In order to do this you will need to supply multiple images with multiple copy options to be sent to various target audiences. You set a small amount of your budget to each, and find out quickly which ‘ad set’ can deliver the best outcome. The final stage is to segment your remaining budget to the highest performing sets, ultimately saving significant monies. To engage in this level of sophistication with ad placements, you need to be diligent in the ad building stages. Having an intimate knowledge of the inner workings and being able to create multiple, unique variations of ads is a prized skill.
You of course know what your business does and can talk for hours to anyone who will listen. But when it comes to getting this vision down on paper to build an informative website, you may find yourself… lost for words. Extensive copy can be a tireless thing. Finding the best verbiage to communicate what is in your head and doing this many times over can leave most people feeling exhausted. It pays to work with experts who have strengthened this mental muscle to ensure what you’re communicating to customers is on point.
The purpose of a press release is to inform news publications of, well, news. This could be an event you’re hosting, maybe some new ground your business has broken into, a charitable engagement or even a change of direction. How impressive and relevant this news is will determine the likelihood it gets picked up by said publication.


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Good photography and videography are some of the most effective tools to attract new customers, reignite dormant audiences, or simply reaffirm to your existing followers that your brand is for them. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a fluid and more affordable video solution with consideration given to the equipment used and quality of the finished product.

        We work with clients who are well versed in video content just as well as those with no experience. We take the time to understand what your intentions are and strategise to determine how we can effectively capture this for your budget.  

Our recent MEDIA WORK
Capturing an event your business is hosting provides content to be filtered through your various properties. Whether that is galleries for your website, organic and paid social posting, press releases or even internal communication. Typically, event photography is done in larger batches with less attention given to individual shots. We usually shoot with a single on-camera flash to make up for any inconsistent lighting. The client can receive 50-200 images processed primarily though Adobe Lightroom with little to no retouching (via Adobe Photoshop). Depending on budget, a select number or images may be given individual attention if they’re intended to be used as hero content.
Social media is a HIGHLY digestible medium. The average user scrolls 90 metres per day though their social feeds. The aim is to have your brand’s content be consistent and always reaffirming that you align with their values. You want to remain top-of-mind until you need them to take a certain action; visit your site, donate to your charity, see your new specials etc. The key to good social photography is staying within the lanes of your brand whilst delivering variety. Multiple flashes and multiple cameras can be used to ensure polished imagery is captured. Typically, we will provide art direction and strategy so that we can maximise the usable output. You will receive 20-40 images depending on budget, with limited retouching done to enhance images. The quality of these images will be sufficient, with some able to be used as hero content throughout your properties.  
Studio or on location photography is about getting 20+ hero images per shoot. We are pedantic in ensuring that each image can be used across any application you desire. The process involves ample pre-planning to ensure the location is ideal, art direction is locked, the talent is well briefed, and the lighting is perfect. The amount of time each image receives in post-production is extensive. After a first pass in Adobe Lightroom the images are taken into Adobe Photoshop to composite at a high standard.
Social videography is about capturing moving imagery to filter through your social channels and give your brand life. The average duration a user watches a video on most social platforms is around 7sec. Investing extensive budget on long form ads with this in mind may not be a sound strategy for some businesses. For instance, industries that have a range of lower cost products typically require a higher frequency strategy. Value for money with videography can be obtained by producing multiple short videos and aim for a deeper level of engagement more often. Event videography is about capturing a particular event or affair and documenting the highlights through social channels or on your website. With both situations, consideration towards lighting is given in order to determine the best time of day to shoot. Studio lighting is brought in for social product shots with the focus on being fluid and nimble. Aputure lighting with 160w v-mount batteries for instance provide a great solution.
At LITTLEMIDDLE we believe that video is the superior way to tell stories. Whether that’s how you got here, the story of where you are now, or where you’re heading. Video is captivating, it is engaging, and it stirs emotion. It can include documentary style footage of a facility or process and is usually spliced together with piece-to-camera (PTC) interviews. Professional lighting plays a large part in ensuring the footage is to the highest standard within predetermined creative guidelines. Extensive pre-planning is required to ensure that the scope of what our clients require will fit within the time and budget allocated. Clients may ask to have multiple finished versions of the video produced to be optimised for the end platform; ads, social, website, press-release, YouTube etc. We store all of this footage and future proof it to ensure it can be used at any point down the track.
This level of videography is all about achieving the highest level of creative output. It is about controlling all variables with extensive pre-planning. Depending on the client and the products/services we’re looking to capture, a variety of cinematic tools such as a cranes, dolly, Steadicam, Movi Pro gimbals, DJI & Freefly drones, extensive lighting, and motorised sliders will be required. Generally, a larger team is required to produce to a tight schedule, including scripting, storyboarding, unique LUT development and other creative concepting need to be locked prior to shooting. This level of production was once only available for TV ads and companies with exorbitant budgets. LITTLEMIDDLE provides this level of service to clients wanting the same tier of output but with a more approachable cost.


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Video & photo editing includes of a wide range of specific tasks, each with a particular skillset required. Using a variety of industry standard programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve, and others, we can assist at any stage in your project.

From basic photo editing to expert retouching, we can take your image and elevate it to the suit the placement. Whether that’s batching a number of images for an event album or taking that one hero image and removing any imperfections. We don’t just work with big agency clients, we like to help make the assets you already have better.
Offline editing simply refers to compiling multiple clips and imagery into a timeline. In addition to editing our own creative, we work with content our clients have captured and elevate it. Encompassing a wide range of job types from cutting iPhone footage into social ads, to working with DPs and independent camera operators to produce cinematic video.  
Online editing includes but not limited to sound editing, colour grading, VFX and graphics. We composite each of these services for our own creative, undertake these services for client’s footage, or can be engaged to do just one of these tasks.


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The integration of the creative look and feel of your website with the optimal user experience you want to achieve. Web design is as much about outstanding aesthetics as it is about persuading your users to engage the way you want them to. It is a sophisticated marriage whose offspring is a well optimised website. Ultimately your website needs to reflect your brand showing consistency in imagery, colours and tone. For more information on website creation, visit web development on our marketing page.


Our toolbox & CAPABILITIES

T → 001
Canon c500 mkii
Canon c200
Canon 5D mkiv
Zeiss Contax Super Speeds (18, 25, 50, 85, 100, 135)
Canon L Series (16-35iii, 24-70ii, 70-200iii)
Freefly Movi Pro Gimbal
Freefly Alta 8
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Steadicam Aero 30
Kessler Crane
Wally Dolly
Edelkrone Jib w. Head Plus
Edelkrone Slider w. Pan Pro
Teradek Bolt 500 Wireless X2
SmallHD 1703 Client Monitor Atomos 7in Monitor
Titla Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus
Aputure Lighting (120diix 2, 300dii, 600d)
Astera Titan Tubes w. Box (8)
Rode NTG-3
Rode Filmaker x 3
Tiffen Pro Mist Filters
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Mac Pro 2019 3.2 GHz, 16 Core, 96GB RAM, Radeon Pro Vega II
LaCie Raid 72TB
Davinci Resolve
Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
T → 003
Adobe XD
T → 004
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe InCopy
Beautiful AI